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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Child Care Inc. is to provide a safe and educational environment for all children who are in our care.

We Are Proud to Be Shooting for the Stars!

Each of our programs aims to provide the highest quality of care, and they are rated 4 Star and 5 Star by OKDHS.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children have the right to a nurturing, safe environment where they can feel comfortable and secure. We believe that children have the right to develop to their maximum abilities and that teachers have the responsibility to provide opportunities for this development to occur.

We recognize that each child is an individual and that each child must be allowed to develop at his or her own pace. We accept and respect differences between children including developmental and physical differences and differences in racial and ethnic heritages. Every child regardless of sex, race, religion or ethnic origin must have the same opportunities and advantages as every other child.

We believe each child has the right to develop a positive self-image – to feel good about whom they are. We fervently hope that in treating each child with love and respect that they in turn will learn to treat others with that same love and respect.

We believe that children learn best through active participation with their environment and that the teacher’s job is to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to promote growth in all areas. We strive to thoughtfully plan activities that meet the developmental needs of differing children and which follow sound early childhood developmental principles.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Proper

ChildCare Inc.

Richi Anthony

Director of Acorn Children’s Center

Vicki Duggan

Director of Kindercastle Children’s Center

Michelle Blair

Director of Children’s Lighthouse I

Wynshel Prince

Director of Children’s Lighthouse II

Lisa Berry

Director of Children’s Lighthouse III

Heather Rogers

Director of Linwood Early Learning Center

Sandy White

Director of
Mission to Play

Our Causes

We believe in supporting children and families beyond the walls of our facilities, which is why we support the following:


  • The Kathy Cronemiller Memorial Child Care Fund
  • The Oklahoma Child Care Association
  • The American Lung Association Oklahoma